Ready or not, here I come….3 Steps to Building a Customer Centric Business

Are You a Customer Centric Business or Are You Playing Hide and Go Seek?


I met with a young company who is ‘ready’ to market their new product, a software solution for the small business community. The founders tested their software solution, built a website that talks about their unique solution using a fair amount of technical jargon and a 3.5 minute video that describes what they do, in infinite detail. The company’s Facebook page is rife with their press releases and a kickstarter campaign they’ve launched, a Twitter feed filled with tweets about their kickstarter campaign and a LinkedIn page with, yep, their press releases.

Not a single word about the small business WIFME (what’s in it for me), not a single customer testimonial and nowhere does this company’s website or social media platforms inform or educate their target market how this system will actually save them time/money  or increase their sales.

This company may think it’s ready to launch but I am afraid it is playing an expensive game of Hide and Go Seek:

HIDE the WIFME and your potential customers will simply SEEK another solution.

Isn’t there a better way? (more…)

How a Mobile App Sold Cupcakes….

3-14-2014 11-35-24 AM

This video from Magnolia Bakery is really an ad for MasterCard’s MasterPass. But  watch from 1:43 on to see Magnolia’s mobile app. It’s hard to imagine how an app can sell cupcakes but in  a few short screens, the app shows:

  • Rewards: I see a lot of rewards programs in restaurants. salons etc but most of them require you to do something: swipe a loyalty card ( I simply cannot carry another card!) or go to the website to see your rewards. This mobile app ties in your rewards to your payments (see below). You don’t need to do anything!
  • Photo of the day: Yum
  • Locations
  • Order: they have a few fields to place your order on your phone, pay for it and pick it up or have it delivered. So easy.
  • Account: Magnolia’s app gives you the choice: pay via your mobile phone or through your stored credit card.

This app makes the process of ordering, paying and collecting rewards seamless. This approach worked for an international company like Starbucks but Magnolia showed how well it can work to sell cupcakes. I would love to order my take out from the handful of neighborhood restaurants I always order from, and how easy would it be to go to a specialty market, place my order, pay for it and have it waiting for me when I get there.

Social media marketing for any small business, or startup, isnt about having a Facebook page, opening a Twitter account or even building a mobile app. It’s about studying your market (identifying your ICP) and creating a strategy that reaches them and addresses their WIFME (what’s in it for me).

How can your business grow from a creative approach?



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