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Don’t Bang Your Head.

The name came to me as I listened to friends, business owners, organizational heads and young startups struggling to grow their business. Social media, email marketing, joining many, many LinkedIn groups…….all useful but in today’s cacophony of marketing touches, it is getting harder and harder to be heard.

In other words, they were constantly banging their heads against the wall. They need new business to succeed but how to start? Who’s the target audience and how to reach them? It’s a complicated world out there and it’s harder because entrepreneurs wear so many hats.

I started DontBangYourHead to help make sense of it all. To  tap into my over 25 years working with companies, from startups to enterprise with their go to market strategies.

Who am I? A passionate business woman who knows how hard and challenging (yet exhilarating) it is to start and grow a business and this blog is one way I hope to help business owners, professionals and organizations grow their business.

Every company needs an internal “voice of the customer”. Someone that can put themselves in the clients’ shoes and recommend or optimize approaches. Marcy is just that person. Her pulse of the market is beyond amazing. Couple that with her work ethics and creativity, and you will have an exceptional resource.

Siamak Farah
CEO at InfoStreet, Inc.

But I’m an entrepreneur at heart and so 13hats was born to answer a burning question that kept ringing in my head:

What about existing customers?

Most sources note that it costs between 4 and 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. And repeat customers spend, on average, 67% more than new ones.

So many apps and companies were targeting one aspect of customer retention: some addressed loyalty, others marketing and yet more dealt with customer feedback. Who has the time? 13hats merges all these elements into one platform.

So sit back and enjoy and learn. I love to write and have written articles for InfoStreet’s Small Business Blog, eWeek, Computer User, Computing Now and Brilliant Results. And of course, Don’t Bang Your Head, which is part work and a whole lot of fun.


Marcy Hoffman


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