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Don’t Bang Your Head.

The name came to me as I listened to friends, business owners, organizational heads and young start-ups get increasingly overwhelmed with the choices we need to make daily. For businesses,  how do we grow our business?  How do we retain our existing customers and expand our customer base? Which apps makes sense for my business, which are hype and what is new that I should know about.

And how do I do this while running my business?

Do I need social media, should I be on  Facebook, LinkedIn, should I be tweeting and what on earth is Pinterest?  What can I use to make my business work smarter without spending crazy money? How can I grow my business, expand my practice, turn this start-up into a business, how can I launch this new product?

What is….? How do I….? Why should I……? Can I throw my….. out of the window?

Sound familiar?

Don’t Bang Your Head will attempt to help your business identify, reach and retain your target audience and make sense of everyday technology. I hope to answer the questions that perplex and frustrate us and introduce you to new ideas and tools.

Let’s open a conversation. Send me your questions to dontbangyourhead@gmail.com, add your comments to the articles that interest you and let’s remember to have some fun.

And please, when you get frustrated, send a question but please don’t bang your head!

Who am I?

I have a passion for helping businesses grow and succeed. With over 25 years in business development, identifying market trends and building innovative businesses in areas of technology and design. What do I do? I work with entrepreneurs to develop a viable business strategy, identify their target audience (Ideal Client Profile) and design a plan to target them. There is a cacophony of marketing platforms and products, making it challenging for startups and small businesses to sift through the noise to find the optimal path to reach their ideal customers.

Every company needs an internal “voice of the customer”. Someone that can put themselves in the clients’ shoes and recommend or optimize approaches. Marcy is just that person. Her pulse of the market is beyond amazing. Couple that with her work ethics and creativity, and you will have an exceptional resource.

Siamak Farah
CEO at InfoStreet, Inc.

And I am preparing to launch FeedbackNow, an innovative service that will allow small businesses, medical practices and anyone with a waiting room to turn the free wifi that they provide their customers, into an unobtrusive feedback, loyalty and social media marketing platform. Our motto? It has to be simple (to use), social (let your happiest customers share their love) and smart (integrate your data into your existing email marketing and loyalty programs).

I love to write and have written articles for InfoStreet’s Small Business Blog, eWeek, Computer User, Computing Now and Brilliant Results. And of course, Don’t Bang Your Head, which is part work and a whole lot of fun.


Marcy Hoffman



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