The Cloud

Will Jack Frost Put You Out of Business?


Will your business/event/organization survive the elements?


Snow crippling Atlanta, subzero temperatures in Chicago, hugh fires in California and as a South Floridian, always worrying about the  next ‘big one’ (hurricane, not loser).

Difficult for the residents but the impact on a small business, your event or your organization can be catastrophic. Your physical business may be forced to close in these situations, but that doesn’t mean your customers (and remember how we define who a customer is) is. Are your files, your records, your contact information available, or locked away in your office? Is it safe and is it accessible when and where you need it?

That depends if your head is in the cloud.


What Is a Cloud Based App?

If you are curious what a cloud based app is and what they have to do with your small business, my friends at InfoStreet, creators of a cloud based desktop, SkyDesktop, put together this infographic.


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