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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Blog, Tweet or Pin



Facebook Page

Twitter Page

Pinterest Pins

LinkedIn Profiles and Company page

Email marketing campaign


I would bet a month of Venti Lattes at Starbucks that you have been told that your small business or organization must have one or all of the above to grow your business. So like any smart business owner,  you build a website or a blog, create a Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter page and sign up for Constant Contact or MailChimp.


Don’t waste your time or your money. It won’t work. You have it backwards.


Before you waste a single minute or spend a single dollar, there are 5 key questions you need to answer:


Email Marketing is Dead. Long Live…………….Email Marketing?

Email’s About to Die, Argues Facebook Co-Founder

Image courtesy of TUH International

Email Marketing: Image courtesy of TUH International

So says Dustin Moskovitz, a Facebook co-founder. He claims that the world has reached “peak email,” that the decades-old medium has entered its final, fatal decline. 

CopyBlogger seems to agree, writing what at first seemed to be a eulogy for email marketing. “Email marketing seems to have died, striking many as “old-fashioned.” More fashionable venues like social media and mobile marketing get all the attention these days, especially for millennials.

Yet In the NYT’s articles, “For Email Newsletters, a Death Greatly Exaggerated“, the author makes the case that email marketing is not dead, that it is actually on the rise.

So is email marketing dead, on life support or is reports of its early demise another marketing myth?


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