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Friday’s Fascinating Factoids

Interesting Factoids I Found While Looking Up Other Things*factoid-friday3

                                                                                                             *Thanks R.E.D.

1. Nothing dies online. If you want to look up a dead website or some old posted articles, go to the Wayback Machine. Tell your teens about this as a warning that online, nothing dies.

2.  2048: A fun, free game that is addictive and doesn’t have melting chocolates to contend with. Try it online or on your phone.

3. A few more Gmail tools to make your email like a little easier. I wrote about some of them in an earlier post, but items #3,4,6 and 10 are interesting.

4. Whether you realize it or not, dozens — if not hundreds — of apps and services have access to your social accounts and can see everything you’re doing online. What’s worse, there’s a pretty good chance you unwittingly gave them permission. (Didn’t I warn you about downloading all those apps?) It’s time to do some spring cleaning to clean it all up and this NYT articles shows you how.

5. Apple users can now use Microsoft Office on their iPads, Macs and iPhones. This may not excite you but it will make sharing documents across devices much easier.

Enjoy the weekend.

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