Small Business Marketing: “10 Things You Can Learn From The Apple Store”

From Guy Kawasaki’s blog:  How To Change The World 520157-apple_logo_dec07

My note: There is much in this article that can inspire your small business marketing approach.  ‘Stop selling stuff’  is all about selling the benefit, or the emotion not the product. To create your small business marketing strategy, you need to understand what you are ‘selling’. Steve Jobs didn’t sell devices that play music, computers or phones- he sold a tactile, beautiful experience. Entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals can learn a lot from Steve Jobs and this article is a great start.

In the decade since Steve Jobs and former head of retail, Ron Johnson, decided to reimagine the retail experience, the Apple Store not only reimagined and reinvented retail, it blew up the model entirely and started from scratch. In his research for The Apple Experience, Carmine discovered ten things that the Apple Store can teach any business in any industry to be more successful:

  1. Stop selling stuff. When Steve Jobs first started the Apple Store he did not ask the question, “How will we grow our market share from 5 to 10 percent?” Instead he asked, “How do we enrich people’s lives?” Think about your vision. If you were to examine the business model for most brands and retailers and develop a vision around it, the vision would be to “sell more stuff.” A vision based on selling stuff isn’t very inspiring and leads to a very different experience than the Apple Retail Store created.

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Email Marketing is Dead. Long Live…………….Email Marketing?

Email’s About to Die, Argues Facebook Co-Founder

Image courtesy of TUH International

Email Marketing: Image courtesy of TUH International

So says Dustin Moskovitz, a Facebook co-founder. He claims that the world has reached “peak email,” that the decades-old medium has entered its final, fatal decline. 

CopyBlogger seems to agree, writing what at first seemed to be a eulogy for email marketing. “Email marketing seems to have died, striking many as “old-fashioned.” More fashionable venues like social media and mobile marketing get all the attention these days, especially for millennials.

Yet In the NYT’s articles, “For Email Newsletters, a Death Greatly Exaggerated“, the author makes the case that email marketing is not dead, that it is actually on the rise.

So is email marketing dead, on life support or is reports of its early demise another marketing myth?


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